We take care of the troubles, so you don't have to.

We provide both one-time repairs, and long-term support plans that take care and keep all
your hardware running smoothly. In addition to that, we also offer virus cleaning, computer
optimization, and a host of other services that'll keep your computer running as if it's brand

One-time repairs:

Should your computer be experiencing any unusual slowdowns, crash unexpectedly, or is simply
not booting up – come to us for help. We'll diagnose and repair your hardware using the latest
tools and diagnostic software, plus give you helpful tips on how to keep your computer safe
and working.

The flat rate covers the repair of unit excluding the parts, but if repairs necessitate extra
charges, you'll be notified before repairs begin. Turn around time averages from 3 to 10
business days, and all work is guaranteed for 90 days.

If the laptop motherboard has video problem (freeze, shut down, on/off, over heat,
vertical/horizontal line, intermittent booting, flickering action, no display at all)
include all major brands - you may seriously consider about video problem issue.
If you have one of these notebooks with an nVidia (ATI, Intel) graphics chip, we will replace with
a new revision of the BGA chip (nVidia, ATI or Intel) for your laptop.

We repaired successfully 95% with all problem of the PCBoards.

Price list (labor only, parts excluded):
For PC laptops, netbook, tablets:

Cleaning electr. board, replacing thermal grease
Replace power DC jack connector
Replace USB connector (s)
Recovery, restore flash new BIOS SPI chip with an EEprom Programmer
Repair electr. board include the nVidia/ ATI/ AMD/ Intel BGA-chip replacement
and custom repair                                                   Contact us for a Quote
Apple Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air:

Repair logic boards,
fix backlight issue (Replace chip LP8543SQ, LP8550TLE, etc...)
Replace flat LCD panel
Replace keyboard
Fix liquid spill issue                                                    Contact us for a Quote
Tablets, Apple iPad and Smartphones:

We service all brand names including:
 Apple, Blackberry, HTC, Samsung, Google, LG, Acer, ASUS

Repair electr. board include the eMMC flash chip replacement
and custom repair
Apple iPhone 1-6, iPad 1-4, Mini, Air digitizer glass replacement

Support plans:

It's recommended that you periodically have your computer checked; to make sure all security
updates are up to date, that you don't have viruses or spyware, and everything is working at
it's best performance.

To help you maintain your computer so, IGBS offers several support plans.

Need help right now? Come visit us.
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