1) The flat fee is your quote and you will not be contacted for repair approval.
2) All repairs are to the component level and exclude flyback transformers, CRT's, and plastic
3) If the monitor is not repairable due to events including but not limited to unavailability of
parts, or failure of excluded parts, the monitor will be returned to you along with the Flat
Fee, minus a $25.00 diagnostic charge. The Flat Fee applies to all other defects found
including but not limited to adjustments and bad connections.
4) If the monitor is "No Defect Found", you will be contacted for confirmation of the problem. If
no defect is found there after, the monitor will be returned to you along with the flat fee,
minus a $25.00 diagnostic charge.
5) Repairs are guaranteed for 90 days. The guarantee applies to the repair only, not the entire
6) Our INVOICE FORM needs to accompany each monitor to be serviced along with proper
payment in the form of check, credit card, or money order. No monitor will be serviced
without proper payment.
7) IGBS Computer & Electronics Services is not liable for damages to received items due to rough
handling by the shipping carrier, or insufficient packaging by sender. Items received as damaged
due to these conditions will be returned to sender with Flat Fee payment returned in full.

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