Essential computer Tips:

1) If you ever use Internet at all, and anti-virus is a must. Statistically, a computer
that's connected to high-speed Internet will be attached within 20 minutes.

2) Frequent updates are a must for all applications, especially for anti-virus and system

3) Check if your ADSL or Cable modem is labelled as a "router", and if no, get one - it'll
help safeguard your computer from many unwanted guests.

4) Never visit unfamiliar sites that have lots of ads and unbelievably nice offers. And of course
NEVER open any strange e-mails!

5) If you absolutely must check that strange email - check it on your ISP's site. Just call their
support and ask how to do it.

6) Just like your room, clean your computer at least once a week. To do so, go to
Start-Programs-Accessories-System tools-Disk Cleanup, or Start-Run... and type in %temp%.
Select all files in the newly opened window (you can press Ctrl+A to do so), and holding
the Shift key, delete everything. Do so for all users on your computer.

7) Remove all programs that you don't use often from autostart - you can start them manually
when needed. To do so go to Start-Programs-Startup, right-click on a program name and
select Delete.

8) Make sure to backup your files on external storage devices. Every computer has mechanical
parts, which means sooner or later, but it will most certainly break - don't let that be a surprise!

9) When purchasing a computer, make sure to get an extended warranty - economy right now
can turn out to be large expenses in the future.

10) The computer too needs fresh air - don't put it in closed spaces, especially in the summer heat!

11) The computer too doesn't like dust. Make sure to regularly vacuum the air exits, but avoid using
any outside objects, especially metallic ones.

12) Don't install suspicious programs - check comments about them first on the Internet.
A majority of commercial programs' license only allows you to install it on one computer only,
if other conditions aren't specified additionally.


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